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A. In case of emergency, when neither parent can be reached, please give the names of a person who will take responsibility for your child.
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B. If parents can not be reached, and emergency medical advice is needed, permission is given to The Friendship Circle of Cleveland staff to phone my child's doctor.


C. Further Medical Information - Medical Concerns/Diagnosis

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Parental Consent

It is a pleasure to provide for you and your child. However, it is necessary for the parents/guardians to assume responsibility to oversee activities shared together.

I agree that a parent/guardian will be at my home while the volunteers are interacting with my child for Friends @ Home. By checking this box, I release the Friendship Circle, its providers and administrators, from ALL liability for any incident which affects the health, welfare, or safety of my child in the provision of a Friendship Circle program for the year 2016/17.

I permit my child’s photo to be used for publicity purposes.

I permit my child to be transported to and from excursions while he/she is in their care.